I want to Learn MVC pattern with Asp.Net. First of all Basics(how to do InsertUpdateDelete)

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Posted on Aug 24, 2016 04:34 AM

Hi Developers , 

I want to learn MVC pattern with Asp.Net for my Career Growth.
First of all i want to learn and workout basics. i.e. Insert , Update , Delete Operations.
i am google it but i can't able to run it like Asp.Net project.

also i have some questions in Asp.Net Mvc.

Is it Very Complex to learn Compare with Asp.Net . . . ? 
Can i learn Mvc only with my Asp.Net Knowledge or i have to know anything else . . ?
How many days it taken to i am practically know basic (insert , update , delete) operations . . ?
If i Learn Mvc very well na it will useful for me in future .. ?

i have no idea about mvc . So if anyone know Mvc very well how i am start to learn it . or 
what are the things i need to learn before start Mvc.
If i buy Asp.Net with Mvc , which name of the author Book is Best.
in design part my Html Knowledge is Enough or I need to learn Html 5.

i get confused, so please suggest and guide to how i am Learn MVC Pattern . 

Thanks with