[Solved] Crystal Report Error in IIS: Load report failed in ASP.Net

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Posted 5 months ago

Hello every one

I had a problem in crystal report

The reports were working well

But suddenly stop working in all application that in the iis and the message is "Load report failed"

When i restart the server it working But after a while it is not working and after a while it is working.

I do not know the problem?

Why did this problem appear And What is the solution ?

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Posted 5 months ago

Hi ghonadr,

This means the application cannot find your RPT file or doesn't have read permissions on the directory where the RPT is stored.

So please chek for permission of the folder where the report file is present.

I agree, here is the link: https://www.e-iceblue.com/Introduce/spire-office-for-net-free.html