Decode and display string in View using JavaScript in ASP.Net MVC

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Posted 9 months ago

In the view For vb code in the view I am setting a string with UTF-8 characters "Övriga frågor"

Then i assign this string to a javascript variable routers

But when the routerlist is assigned to routers the UTF-8 characters  are not the same.

The alert displays  the string as "Övriga frågor" some kind of encoding?

This javascript string is passed to server side vb code and I want to decode it back to the original string.

how can I do that?

Below is my code from a view in mvc

<div id='dashboardItemBody' style="align-content:center;width:100%;height:100%">

@section scripts  
    $(function () {
        var routers=  endmed "  + " @routerList ";
end section


   Dim  routerList as string = "Övriga frågor"
End Code


Posted 9 months ago

Found the answer in this thread!

thank you for your help!

If we use html raw then it will not encode