Why we need WCF application

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i refer all atricle for WCF. but i am not getting proper explanation.


Upendra PAtel


Posted on Nov 12, 2013 07:40 AM

WCF is a service hosted in ASP.Net and Windows Application runs on windows

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Hello Upen..

We required WCF to connect two different platform,

Basically WCF is the Services through which we can communicate with different platform eg JAVA..


Take Example if I have and website which is in DOTNET (C#/VB)

and I want to Send Data from website to Android Mobile which is of different platform then to communicate with the android platform we required WCF ie: WINDOWS COMMUNICATION FOUNDATION,

We can pass string from one platform to another platform using WCF with the help of SOAP, JSON, XML etc...

Senario2: Now take another example suppose we have an two different application, consider both in Dotnet (VB/C#) now to communicate between them, I mean to pass data between them we required WCF by using this services we can send/recieve data with the help of SOAP,JSON,XM etc


Hope now you Excatly understand about WCF..


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