Show annotation when Mouse Move on Chart using VB.Net in Windows Application

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Hi everyone, 

I have this SQL code which I would want to show in my data chart in as chart1_mouseMove.  

This is my SQL code:

SELECT Sum(Price) As Total,
    DATEPART(yyyy, Date) As [year],
FROM dbo.Expenses
    WHERE DATEPART(yyyy, Date) = '2020' 
GROUP BY DATEPART(yyyy, Date), Department

which shows this information :

259.84 2020 Clothes

860.97 2020 Electronics

12222.72 2020 FixCost

2787.82 2020 Grocery

1187.63 2020 Other

And I would want to show that information in the dots when I move my mouse in this chart.

Thank you very much.

Yearly Data

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