Optional One to Many relationships in Entity Framework

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Hello every one;

can we have optional one to many relationship in entityframework

 Note: a person can be realate to a department or it might no and a Department can have many person

public class Person
    public int Id{ get; set; }
    public Department Department { get; set; }
    public int DepartmentId

public class Department
    public int Id{ get; set; }
    public List<Person> Members { get; set; }

Person to Department

.HasOptional(m => m.Department)
.WithOptional( d => d.Members)
.HasForeignKey( m=> m.DepartmentId);

 For Example

Id                     Name                    DepartmentId

1                       John                      x

2                       Ahmad                   y

3                       Persony                NULL

4                       Personz                  x


Posted one year ago