[Solved] Chart not showing in Visual Studio Toolbox

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Posted one year ago

initially chart control is not available in my toolbox. i tried several methods eventhough chart control is not getting add in my toolbox. i tried below methods

1. right click on the toolbox and select choose item. then i saw chart control is already in select option.

2. right click the refernces in solution explorer, then add system.windows.datavisuvalization.dll file.

but eventhough chart control is not comin in toolbox. can anybody suggest some other methods to add control to toolbox?

Posted one year ago

Hi sambath,

1: Reset toolbox

2: To add chart controls Right click in the Toolbox and select Choose Items. Thyen select the .Net Framework Components Tab. Scroll through the list and find with Name Chart and check the Item having Namespace System.Windows.Forms.Datavisuvalization.Charting and System.Web.UI.Datavisuvalization.Charting and click OK.

3: Close and Reopen the Visual studio.