Pass (Send) Radio Button selection to Setup file in Windows Application using C# and VB.Net

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Posted 19 days ago

While installing my application , I want to make radio button selection option.when user selecting radio button, that value has to be stored in a pubilc variable in setup file How to do this?

I refer this link to create radio buttons in setup project

But this shows me error like this

Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

I use following code in installer class:

Imports System.Configuration.Install
Public Class DBSinstaller
    Public Sub New()
        'This call is required by the Component Designer.
        'Add initialization code after the call to InitializeComponent
    End Sub
    Public Overrides Sub Install(ByVal stateSaver As System.Collections.IDictionary)
        Dim myPassedInValue As String = Me.Context.Parameters("SERVER")
        licMode = myPassedInValue
    End Sub
End Class


Posted 15 days ago

Please check the Parameter name which you set in the property window while configuring. There only you might not getting the value from the parameter.