Download link for xtreame.mdb Database

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Hi guys, I want to learn and much more about crystal report. So can you point me which PDF is the best and if you have the xtreme.mdb can you give me the download link for the mdb?

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Hi SamMyat,

Refer below article.

Crystal Report ASP.Net Example using DataSet or DataTable in C# VB.Net and Visual Studio 2010

xtreme.mdb is a Microsoft Access database that is installed with Crystal Reports for Visual Studio.

The database is stored in your file directory, and is accessed through ODBC by an ODBC DSN configuration in the Data Sources (ODBC) control panel.

If you have installed Crystal Reports with the default settings and file paths, the xtreme.mdb database is located in the directory shown below.

Crystal Reports versionPath to xtreme.mdb
Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET 2002 C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET\Crystal Reports\Samples\Database\xtreme.mdb
Crystal Reports 9 C:\Program Files\Crystal Decisions\Crystal Reports 9\Samples\En\Databases\xtreme.mdb
Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET 2003 C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2003\Crystal Reports\Samples\Database\xtreme.mdb
Crystal Reports 10 C:\Program Files\Crystal Decisions\Crystal Reports 10\Samples\En\Databases\xtreme.mdb
Crystal Reports 11 C:\Program Files\Business Objects\Crystal Reports 11\Samples\En\Databases\xtreme.mdb
Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2005 C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\Crystal Reports\Samples\En\Databases\xtreme.mdb

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And I also want to know which PDF is the best to learn the crystal reports?