Add Global Resource file in ASP.Net

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I have read the articlce as below: Building a Multilingual ASP.Net website

Adding a Global Resource file

The very first thing is to add two Global Resource files one for English and one for French with the following names.

English - Resource.resx


My question: How to get and add 2 global resource files: English and Spanish?

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Hi KatieNgoc,

In Solution Explorer in project node choose Add New Item.

In the Add New Item dialog box, choose the Resource File template, and then select the Add button.

As soon as you add the first Resource file you will get the prompt from Visual Studio asking to place the file in App_GlobalResources.

You need to click Yes.

Once the Resource files are added, you will able to see the Resource files in App_GlobalResources folder in the Solution Explorer.

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For English you need to add with name Resource.resx

For Spanish you need to add with name

es is the language code for Spanish.