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I am determined to become an excellent ASP.NET Programmer.  Presently the only knowledge I hold is  proficiency in using MS Office. I have no knowledge of any programming language and and never programmed any thing.  Presently I am working at entry level position in Financial Management area. My objective to learn ASP.NET to develop standard / customised software in Accounting, Budgeting and Finance filed for corporate sector. Advice me:-


1. What learning path to follow i.e what language to learn 1st, what 2ndly and so on?

2.  What are free available sources for learning without joining any school/college et.

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Posted on Jun 04, 2012 04:43 AM

There is no hard and fast rule. Learning also depends on the work you do and your company does. Thus learn things as you work rather than learning in advance.

Language you can go with C# or VB as per your ease