[Solved] Word wrap issue while exporting RDLC report into Excel in ASP.Net

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I was wondering if you can help me with asp.net vb RDLC report. I am exporting a report to Excel and when it opens it automatically selects "Wrap Text" which causes issues when I upload into another website as requirement for some reason when I download the file the "Wrap Text" is already selected and when I deselect it and save I am able to upload.

Another thing I have noticed is that original file size is around 6KB and when I change that setting and save the size increased to 11KB without adding any data

       Dim warnings As Warning()
       Dim streamIds As String()
       Dim mimeType As String
       Dim contentType As String
       Dim encoding As String
       Dim extension As String
       'Export the RDLC Report to Byte Array.
       Dim bytes As Byte() = ReportViewer1.LocalReport.Render("Excel", Nothing, mimeType, contentType, encoding, extension, streamIds, warnings)
       'Download the RDLC Report in Word, Excel, PDF and Image formats.
       Response.Buffer = True
       Response.Charset = ""
       Response.ContentType = contentType
       Response.AppendHeader("Content-Disposition", "attachment; filename=RDLC." & extension)


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