Open multiple ASPX Page inside Modal Popup using IFRAME in ASP.Net

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Posted 2 months ago

I want to open multiple windows from menu click using bootstrap modal popup / Jquery Modal popup. I am using Master Page and Content Page which means my content layout I will use as Jquery Dialog. I need toolbar layout with maximize, minimize and restore.

Posted 2 months ago

Please explain in more detail about your requirement it’s not clear.

Posted 2 months ago

I am giving you one example.

In Master Page:

Menu 1 -> A.aspx (Content Page)

Menu 2 -> B.aspx (Content Page)

Menu 3 -> C.aspx (Content Page)

Normally if we are using these concept we are just redirecting to that page with Master page content. My requirement is suppose I am clicking A.aspx window will loaded with some form A form details. Next I am clicking B.aspx that time my A.aspx should restore like our desktop application. So at a time I will work both A.aspx and B.aspx like Multitasking. I have refered this link . I am planning to implement this concept in my project. If you have any idea please suggest how to do achieve.


I agree, here is the link: