Upload Control not working in IIS

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Posted 12 days ago

I have a website with the asp.net upload control and it works fine while running it on my computer, but when I upload it to the server it does not work, all that happens is the cursor continues to spin when accessed from chrome and edge on my same computer

I tried it from my mobile and it worked

This is strange, I contacted the web hosting site and it worked from there local computer

Any ideas, if not is there a simple 3rd party one I could use for single and multiple file uploads ?

Posted 12 days ago


You need to contact to the Server company and ask them about Error Logs and see if any error.

If they don't find you will need to ask them to see whether they have put any restrictions on File Size.


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I contacted the hosting company but they said everything was in order, so I will have to put up with it