Get the sum of column using Entity Framework in ASP.Net

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hello i'm trying to implement the following sql statement using entity framework 


select coalesce(SUM(cdin_ActMortgageAmnt),0) from CRM.dbo.CDIndex,  where comp_companyid=cdin_companyid and comp_idcust like '%10319%' and cdin_Deleted is null and cdin_startunstufdate is not null and cdin_Status='InProgress'  


Company c = db.Companies.Find(750);  
      var CGP = (from cd in db.CDIndexes  
                 join com in db.Companies on cd.cdin_CompanyId equals com.Comp_CompanyId  
                 com.Comp_IdCust == c.Comp_IdCust &&  
                 cd.cdin_Deleted == null &&  
                 cd.cdin_startunstufdate == null &&  
                 cd.cdin_Status == "InProgress"  
                 select new  
      var query = CGP.Sum(x => x.act);  
      lblSum.Text = query.ToString();  

but when i trace the code var query gives me null ? Please help 

Posted one year ago

Hi fares,

Refer the below sample code. Here i have used Northwind database.

using (NorthwindEntities entities = new NorthwindEntities())
    var CGP = (from customer in entities.Orders
                select customer).ToList();
    var query = CGP.Sum(x => x.Freight);
    lblSum.Text = Math.Round(Convert.ToDecimal(query), 2).ToString();