crystal report asking every time login

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how to prevent or stop to crystal report ask for login credentials. 

in my crystal report application when i generate crystal report it generated completly but when i press next page button it ask for login id and password. i want to prevent it. 

i have set Integrated Security = True in web config so it cause blank page on iis server if i remove  Integrated Security = True then application is loading fine. but crystal report ask for login....

i also tried Integrated Security = False  in crystal report design view...but no result...

kindly help me to solve this...

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Posted 12 days ago

1. Select your crystal report.

2. Right click, Select Database configuration.

3. Review the UserId ad Pasword you given are correct or not - for connecting to the system.

5. Go to bottom of screen, Select the radio button - in which it specifies use the same database logon used in Report.


Or refer below link.