Display Serial Number for Group column in Crystal Report using C# and VB.Net in ASP.Net

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I have displayed record in the crystal report successfully but issue is that the subject name are not in proper oder.

Now i want to order the same subjectName for each student. In crystal report how i can do this???


SubjectID SubjectName

1              ABC

2              SKY


MarksID  AdmissionNo   SubjectName  Max  Obtain

1               R-1                ABC              50      34  

2               R-1                SKY              50      34

3               R-2                ABC              50      34  

4               R-3                SKY              50      34

how i can show subjectwise position with these in next column?

Posted 4 months ago
smile says:
subjectwise position with these in next column

 If you are looing for serial number to show in column refer below link -

Display Serial Number for dynamic Group column in RDLC report using C# and VB.Net