Create custom jQuery Plugin

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Posted 9 months ago

I am new to Jquery Plugin and I just want to create my own custom Jquery plugin that enables the user to output a html table with data inside it. to be honest, I dont have any idea on how can I do this. Can someone share their knowledge about this. thanks in advance.

This is the only thing that I have right now, and I dont know how to start it.

(function ($) {

$.fn.table = function (options) {

    // Default options
    var settings = $.extend({

    }, options);

    // Apply options
    return this.each(function () {


} (jQuery));


Posted 9 months ago

I know that there are well-known jquery plugins that I can use, but what I really want to know is how Jquery plugins are working by creating my own custom plugin, hope that you'll understand me.

Posted 9 months ago

Please read the links. There is explained how to create your own plugin.