Follow Twitter user using ASPSnippets TwitterAPI in ASP.Net

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Posted 9 months ago


I have been authorised but how do I follow a user?

I tried this:


But it does not seem to work?


Posted 9 months ago

No, I meant using your DLL.

It seems to support FollowTwitterUser ?

Posted 9 months ago

Hi PingSpike,

The code is working. When you follow using FollowTwitterUser it will return DataTable. You can debug and check the DataTable.

Posted 9 months ago

Thanks @dharmendr

Do you have any example code to demonstrate how to use the FollowTwitterUser call?

Posted 9 months ago

After succcessfully authenticated use below code to follow user.

protected void Follow(object sender, EventArgs e)
    TwitterConnect twitter = new TwitterConnect();
    DataTable dt = twitter.FollowTwitterUser("@ASPSnippets");
    // Get details.
    gvDetails.DataSource = dt;