Calculate Interest rate day wise in C# and VB.Net

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I am developing web application using ASP.NET C#

I want to perform mathematical operations by comparing dates

I want to develop following functionality:

Suppose user has given input as 1000 Rs. on date 1 august 2019

I have to calculate interest on 1000 and rate is 3% (Monthly)

so interest is 30 Rs.

so at 31 aug i have to show total value as 1000 + 30 (interest) = 1030 Rs.

But I have to show total value at current day also i.e. Per day interest would be : 30 (interest value)/30 (days) = 1 Rs.

So on 5 aug value should be : 1000 + 5 (interest of 5 days) = 1005

on 6 aug value should be : 1000 + 6(interest of 5 days) = 1006

and so on at last on 31 aug I have to show value = 1030 Rs

How to calculate and show this requirement as per date

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