Call web page method in WCF Web Service using C# in ASP.Net

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I have login.aspx

in code behind file i have method Validate(Email) with in same project i created a SVC .

Now how to call the Validate(Email) method which is in login.aspx code behind file.

my requirement is client application should call WCF service.

WCF should call a method which is in code behind file a webpage . is this possible?

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But that's not best practice. As ASP Pages are not meant to be called like that.

It is a Partial Class. You should create a new Class say GeneralMethods.cs and in that keep all methods that you want to use in your Projects.

public static class GeneralMethods
      public static bool ValidateEmail(string email)
              //Code goes here.

To use

bool isValid = GeneralMethods.ValidateEmail("")