Difference between SSRS and RDLC Reports

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I will be creating my reports in SSRS for asp.net web application. For that while searching on google i found this link :


But in this link the author had used internal RDLC Report wizard. I am a bit confused with it because i have seen the SSRS Reporting like :

And in described link author had used this :

1- Please tell me the difference between these two, are they both same ? Means RDLC and SSRS are same ?.

2- If not same then i need to use SSRS and then embed in web application so for that kindly guide me to right article.


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SSRS are of two types

Server - Developed in SQL Server and called in ASP.Net

Local - RDLC report developed in ASP.Net

For Server SSRS Refer:

  1. How to create a SSRS Business Report using Parameters in ASP.Net