ASP.NET RequiredField RegularExpression Triggering After Page Postback

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In my registration i am having around 10 fields as textbox dropdownlist and fileupload and also a submit button. When I click on submit button the validations are not triggering also page is posting back and then validations getting triggered. why.

I have used Master page and used Toolscriptmanager for ajax calendar.

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Sir the problem is still there. I have made another form in another tab but there also there is a same problem. Button causing page postback without triggering validations. 

Validations are firing after page postback.

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Hi Sumeet,

I checked again code which is working. if still not working so share your complete code with us.

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Got a solution. While after googling for long hours I am got that I would need to add another property in every asp validations as EnableClientScript and should be set to True.