When to use Webservices in ASP.Net

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Posted on Dec 20, 2013 01:56 AM


I have experience of using webservices,

While im going to interview, interviewever asked the question

In which case u need to use WebServices? I am not able to explain.

Just tell me in easy language with example when developer need to use Webservices in project using asp.net 2010.

I am waiting for your valuable reply. Thanks.

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We have a number of heterogeneous technologies available on internet. The demand for reusable components across platforms and programming languages are high. Most of the components have the limitation that they can't share or exchange data across different platforms, they are mostly language specific or platform specific. The technologies like COM, RMI, CORBA etc. contributed best to fulfill requirements to some extent, but components result from these said technologies are mostly either language specific or platform specific. 

To avoid above problem, we need to have web services. Through web services we have overcome the problem of interoperability between languages and platforms. Web services uses SOAP as transport protocol which uses a text based messaging model, i.e. XML to communicate between disparate systems.