Specified Value has invalid CRLF Characters error in ASP.Net

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Posted on Feb 04, 2014 04:04 AM

heyy everyone.....can you help me please??

I have created web method for "getting contacts".

my parameters are UNAME,PWD,VerticalID and Filter,

now, there is no problem with my uname,pwd and verticalid,

but my Filter have value of A,B,etc.in the sense just one character value.

But whenever I entered data,it returns this error:

"Specified Value has invalid CRLF Characters" this error belongs to Filter.

but when I entered ABCD it returns null because Filter is a string type and only one character value. But ASP.NET is not taking this one character value as string.

So how to recover??

please help me!!


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Posted on Feb 04, 2014 04:07 AM

Make sure you don't have any missing references in your VBA modules.

Tools->Macro->Visual Basic Editor.

In the VB Editor, go to Tools->References and make sure nothing says "MISSING:". If there is something, try un-checking it and going to Debug->Compile Access9db (or whatever the project name is).

If you get a compilation error, you are missing a reference to something (probably another version of the thing you just un-checked).

If you don't get a compilation error, re-try your query.