pdf document viewer with control

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I have code which display PDF file but i want to control 

the pdf viewer so that

1.permission only to view not download and edit

2.permission to give him only download

3 permission to edit the pdf file

How can i achive this 

I am using below code to display pdf


 Dim pdfView As String = "<object data=""{0}"" type=""application/pdf"" width=""800px"" height=""1000px"">"
        lView.Text = String.Format(pdfView, ResolveUrl("~/Files/Database Table Definition Document.pdf"))


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Posted 5 days ago

Hi sthsyed,

Save, Print, Rightclick, Download are the inbuilt functionality of PDF viewer. You can't disable those. These are handled by the browser itself and different for each browser.

So it is not possible.