Display Column value based on condition in Join query using Case statement in SQL Server

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I have a sql qeury which fetches a day's attendance for all Employees.


Now, I need to add one a conditional column column (IsAbsent) where if both the check-in & check-out are null it should show as 'Absent' else '-'

Below is my query.

use [zkteco_biotime]

SELECT cast(UI.badgenumber as int) as [Ac No], EB.NAME as [Name],d2.deptname,
Cast(sc.AttDate as DATE)as Date,
(select [Check-In] from dbo.FILOReport  where dbo.FILOReport.pin= UI.badgenumber and checktime =sc.AttDate) as [Check-In],
(select [Check-Out] from dbo.FILOReport  where dbo.FILOReport.pin= UI.badgenumber and checktime =sc.AttDate) as [Check-Out]
FROM userinfo UI LEFT OUTER JOIN attshifts Sc ON ui.userid = sc.userid INNER JOIN
departments dpt ON UI.defaultdeptid = dpt.DeptID INNER JOIN departments d2 on dpt.supdeptid=d2.DeptID
INNER JOIN EmpBaan EB ON cast(UI.badgenumber as int) = EB.EMPID
where dpt.supdeptid=15
and sc.AttDate=CAST(getdate()-1 as date) order by badgenumber asc
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Hi nadeem1218,


For this sample I have used of NorthWind database that you can download using the link given below.

Download Northwind Database

Refer below sample query.


SELECT c.CustomerID, c.CompanyName,c.Country,
CASE WHEN c.Region IS NULL THEN 'Absent'
FROM Orders o 
INNER JOIN Customers c ON c.CustomerID = o.CustomerID