Visual Studio 2015 Error: Initializing the applicationhost.config file failed.

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Posted 10 months ago

initializing the applicationhost.config file failed.copying the applicationhost.config file to
f:\DOCUMENTS\user\name\documents\visual studio
2015\projects\website\.vs\config\applicationhost.config failed.The system connot find the path specified.

but i don't have f:\ why show that error.
i tried
thanks in advance

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Posted 10 months ago

Hi devkota,

The error may be caused due to file is corrupted or the permission issue. If your file not corrupted and you have enough permission on the related folders then please share the error with more details. Also share screenshot of the error.

Posted 10 months ago

Seems your Visual Studio is corrupted. Try repairing or a fresh new installation.

Posted 10 months ago

not solved problem repaired visual studio,  i have already installation more one time but same error showing. error coming only i create or open website but if i want create project then not showing error. 

Thanks in advance


Posted 10 months ago

how to insert image ? 

Posted 10 months ago

Please find the screenshot.