Showing Error while consuming RSS Feed in ASP.NET- feed burner

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Hi Sir, Below error is showing while i am consuming RSS feed.

Stylesheet must start either with an 'xsl:stylesheet' or an 'xsl:transform' element, or with a literal result element that has an 'xsl:version' attribute, where prefix 'xsl' denotes the '' namespace.

Here is the code:

<asp:XmlDataSource ID="XmlDataSource1" runat="server" DataFile="" 
TransformFile="" XPath="rss/channel/item"></asp:XmlDataSource>

<asp:DataList ID="DataList1" runat="server" DataSourceID="XmlDataSource1" BackColor="White" BorderColor="#404040" BorderStyle="Solid" GridLines="Vertical">
            <AlternatingItemStyle BackColor="CadetBlue" />
            <ItemStyle BackColor="AliceBlue" ForeColor="Black" />
            <HeaderStyle BackColor="#804040" ForeColor="White" Font-Bold="true" />



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Hi firoz1986,

Refer below article.

Fetch and Display RSS Feeds using ASP.Net