Pass Value of TextBoxes to another page in ASP.Net

Last Reply on Mar 09, 2014 11:13 PM By Mudassar

Posted on Mar 09, 2014 11:13 PM

Hello All,             

I am trying to make a simple ASP website with 4 pages. A login.aspx, register,aspx, products,aspx and a exit.aspx.On my register page I have text boxes where a user can make an account. (firstname, lastname, username, password) I want my website to be able to grab information out of those textboxes and save it throughout the site. For the firstname textbox I want my page to grab the firstname and then when I go to the products page I want some text on the page to display – “Hello ‘firstname’ welcome to the products page”. I am not sure how to take data out of the textboxes on the register page and be able to have it on all my other pages. I would like to be able to use it when I need it.

I would also like to make a customer status so if a customer logs in I can have the page say registered customer. On each page if the customer has logged in I would like this to be able to follow them to every page.                                                                             To second this I would like to have my site so if the customer does not log in and they just go through the website normally without login I want the same text ate to say unregistered customer. Like this will be the standard but if the person logs in the website I want it to follow them on every page.

Lastly on my products page I have it so the user can select a product or multiple ones. I would like it so when you go to the exit page in some text somewhere on the page I would like the page to be able to show all of the products the user has selected. On the page.

Could I please get help on doing these tasks with code. I have the site all created and I have been trying to figure out these tasks and how to do them. I have many other tasks figured out and working very well but now these couple I have listed I am having problems with. May I please get asp code to help me do these such things?

Thank you very much!!!