Get Data from Multiple Tables using Linq query in ASP.Net MVC

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I have 3 tables I need to get data from well actually only 2 that I need to do a join with which I know using Linq but I need the name of a project from the projected and I need to insert it into the same model Im creating using linq. I tried from proj in context.Projects where proj.ProjectId = detail.ProjectId but it says cant convert int to bool and I don’t have bool declared anywhere? Here is my linq. And the whole method actually

        public ActionResult DisplayAllTimeSheetDetails(TimeSheetMasterModel masterModel, TimeSheetDetailsModel detailsModel)
            var details = (from master in context.TimeSheetMaster
                           join detail in context.TimeSheetDetails
                           on master.TimeSheetMasterId equals detail.TimeSheetMasterId
                           from proj in context.Projects
                           where proj.ProjectId = detail.ProjectId
                           select new TimeSheetDetailsModel()
                               Sunday = detail.Sunday,
                               Monday = detail.Monday,
                               Tuesday = detail.Tuesday,
                               Wednesday = detail.Wednesday,
                               Thursday = detail.Thursday,
                               Friday = detail.Friday,
                               Saturday = detail.Saturday,
                               Hours = detail.Hours,
                               Comment = master.Comment,
            //var project = context.Projects.Where(p => p.ProjectId.Equals(


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