Populate (Bind) DropDownList using Entity Framework in AngularJS

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How to populate the dropdownlist using entity framework in angular js?

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 Bind Dropdownlist using angularjs 

public JsonResult GetAllLatereason()
    using (Latereason_INGEntities Obj = new Latereason_INGEntities())
        List<LateReason> Late = Obj.LateReasons.ToList();
        return Json(Late, JsonRequestBehavior.AllowGet);


$scope.GetAllLatereason = function () {
       method: "get",
       url: "http://localhost:62537/Package/GetAllLatereason"})
       .then(function (response) {
           $scope.Late_INGEntities = response.data;
       }, function () {
           alert("Error Occur");
<div class="col-sm-4 p-0">
    <select ng-model="Locations" ng-options="location.Code as location.LocationDescription for location in Location_INGEntities" ng-init="GetAllLocation()" class="w-100 form-control"></select>