[Solved] MySQL Editor not showing all records when SELECT query is executed

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Posted 8 months ago

i insert the records into table xyz.
when i go to to mysql db to check out the inserted record it does not shows.
But when i throw a where query like....where id=smthing,it displays the record.
This is very strange.Why it is happening?

i inserted record into table:

so it does not shows in the mysql db table.

id name age
1   hi   54
256 hu   23

But when i search with query like
select * from table where id=321,it shows the record

id   name   age
321  rahul   21

Posted 8 months ago


You need to set the SQL Execution SELECT Query Results Limit Rows Count. Specify the maximum number of result rows to return. By defaults it is 1000.

Refer below link.