Replace ImageButton ImageURL with Font Awesome Icon in ASP.Net

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How to make tick mark and cross mark in asp button?

My question is as imqge is binded in image button how to overlay in image button?

<asp:ImageButton ID="img_ss" ImageUrl="../img/ss_logo.png" OnClick="img_ss_Click" runat="server"   class="fa-shopping-cart" ForeColor=""></asp:ImageButton>
<asp:ImageButton ID="img_sa" ImageUrl="../img/sa_logo.png" runat="server" OnClick="img_sa_Click"></asp:ImageButton>
<asp:Button ID="Button1" runat="server" Text="Search" OnClick="Button1_Click" OnClientClick="img_ss_OnClientClick()"  />

When I click the Button1, the img_ss should be in Font awesome check and img_sa should be font awesome remove using code behind coding

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Posted 19 days ago

As FontAwesome is a font that requires HTML elements to display, neither asp ImageButton (only allows images) nor asp Button (only allows plain text). It is better to use HtmlButton.

<button runat="server"><i class="fa fa-check"></i></button>