Maintain BootStrap Selected Tab on PostBack in ASP.Net

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I used your BootStrap code in for my web-app. It's nice but it has a problem when you have a Grid-view in your Tabs and want to Edit a Row. When you press Edit or Delete everything crash and all Tabs contents show at selected Tab. I looked some same questions to avoid create new question but nothing found.
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Hi @Morteza,
Please try the following

[Solved ]Maintain scroll position in jQuery Scrollable GridView after AJAX UpdatePanel Partial PostBack

It might help you.

Cheers Andrea.

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Hi Andrea.

I deeply appreciate you for quick answer.

What I take from yours solution is your answer use Ajax that I donot use in my Web-App. Is that possible to  resolve  the problem without any using Plug-in and Ajax Technology. The following line shows it uses Ajax.

IsInUpdatePanel – This parameter must be set to true when the GridView is inside an ASP.Net AJAX UpdatePanel.


I agree, here is the link: