Apply style to HTML Video player in ASP.Net

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Posted 11 months ago

This jquery video player still i wanted to use it to style my video player in my datalist but it only works on the first video showing on datalist.


  <asp:DataList ID="GETDiscription" runat="server" OnItemDataBound="GETDiscription_ItemDataBound">

  <video class="plyr__video-embed" id="player" style=" width:100%" preload="none" controls playsinline webkit-playsinline>
    <source src="<%# Eval("Path") %>" type="video/mp4" >
      <source src="<%# Eval("Path") %>" type="video/ogg">
      <source src="<%# Eval("Path") %>" type="video/webm">
    Your browser does not support HTML5 video.



Posted 11 months ago

the screenshot in this example is what i get on datalist but the issue is, if you have 2 videos on your datalist, you will notice that the first video will look like this example on this link

while your second video will be just normal htm5 look video, the css supposed to be applied to all video showing on page

Posted 11 months ago

Hi micah,

I have tried to apply the css for all the vodeo. But unfortunatly it doesn't support for multiple.

As per the sample provide by the author it also doesn't work with multiple video.

So we can't do much for this. You need to contact the author.