Authenticate Office 365 using MSAL JS in ASP.Net

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Can we use the msal.js library in a .net web forms application for office 365 authentication? 

I want to authenticate my login in webforms without entering the password using my microsoft office credentials.

I cannot use since i have some issue with redirect uri which needs to be a wild card.

So I am trying to use soemthing for which i will recieve the access and id token without the redirect uri needed. 

So can i use MSAL.js in .net web forms applications?

Or only in node.js kind of applications? 

If we can use msal.js in web forms application how?

I refered the below link code is simple but not sure if it can be used for web forms .net.

DId not find any samples online all were javascript projects or single page applications in javascript front end.

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I have concluded that we can not use javascript library for web forms since it is meant for applications built in javascript or single page applications without a backend. 

With webforms everytime there is a new request postback happends and the flow is lost while usng javascript libraries. 

So i have concluded it is for applications with node or react or single page applications.