[Solved] Windows Form Crystal Report after creating Setup Error: File not found

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I am displaying data in crystal report using windows form. It is working fine before creating the setup project. But after creating a setup project it is not showing the file. It displays the message "File not found". When I check it again in development mode then it is working fine.

Why I am seeing this issue??

How to fix it???

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Posted 3 months ago

I found the solution like that

I have created a separate folder outside the Project Folder / Application Folder with the name Customize which is in D:\  and put all the crystal reports in that folder. Path is like that

string reportFullPath = @"D:\Customize\rptStuContact.rpt";

After the creation of the setup file, I installed the setup and then load my crystal report from this path 

string reportFullPath = @"D:\Customize\rptStuContact.rpt";

now it is loading successfully.