[Solved] How to split Date into Day/Month and Year parts using C# .Net

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Posted on Feb 10, 2015 02:28 AM

Hello I have a textbox, And I want to save the value of textbox into two different fields

For example

the value of texbox is


and the fields are date and year.


So the result will be

date       year

02/10     2015



Posted on Feb 10, 2015 02:32 AM Modified on on Feb 10, 2015 03:44 AM

Refer this code snippet


string date = "02/10/2015";
string[] splitedDate = date.Split('/');
//Save this in MonthDay field
string monthDay = string.Join("/", splitedDate[0], splitedDate[1]);
//Save this in Year field
string year = splitedDate[2];