ng-bind not working in AngularJS 2

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Hi all

below Code for get the value of field from The controller in HTML. but it  not working in HTML.

it is Working in the Controller.

    <md-list flex style="padding:0;" ms-scroll >
            <md-list-item class="md-3-line"  ng-repeat="user in response" ng-click="taskCtrl.showDetailView(user.Name)">
                <div class="md-list-item-text" layout="column">
                <div flex="65" ng-if="taskCtrl.showView"   ng-model="clickedname"   style="float:right;margin-right: 325px">
                    <p  ng-bind="clickedname"></p>

IN contrroller

self.showDetailView = function (var1) {
    self.showView = true;
    clickedname = var1;

clickedname is showing in controller.

<p ng-bind="clickedname"></p>

is not displaying.