Check all string in comma separated string exist in other using C# and VB.Net in ASP.Net

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How to check all value with comma-separated exist in other parent comma separated in  c#

Suppose we have two string with comma-separated

for example  

string ParentString ="AAA,BBB,CCC";

String childstring ="BBB,CCC"

it must return true because all child string matched in parentstring

second example  

string ParentString ="AAA,BBB,CCC";

String childstring ="AA,CCC"

In this case, it must return false, because "AA" does not match any words which are comma-separated in ParentString 

Please help me, anyone, I had tried with Split and Contain function, but fail.

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Here is anwser using Array 

string parentString = "AAA,BBB,CCC";
String[] parentarray=parentString.Split(',') ;//fill string as element in Array
string childstring = "AAA,AA,CCC";
childstring =childstring.split(',');
string notmatchvalue="";  
foreach (var child in childstring )
    Boolean checkExists = Array.Exists(parentarray, x => x ==child );
    if(checkExists ==false)
        notmatchvalue=child //  do whatever want 
        break ;// it will break the foreach loop once get false and it will show this value is not matched with parentarray element 

in this case "AA" will retrun false becuase it will not match to any array element.