Redirect to another Page from jQuery AJAX Success in ASP.Net

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Posted one year ago

I have a page called test.aspx from that page i am calling a handler using ajax this handler redirecting this way 

context.Response.Redirect("../iFrame/iFramePro/iFrameProcessTransition.aspx" + UrlPageParameter, True)

when it goes to iFrameProcessTransition page  then it checks that

If Not IsPostBack Then 
    If Request("TransitionPageResult") = "OK" Then 
        SuccessAlert(dbResources.label.Successfulstatuschange, , 5) 
    End If 
End If

then the success alert should be showed in test.aspx and a refresh should be happened.but it is not working.

but when i do the same thing using a button click from the page test.aspx

it is working fine  

Posted one year ago
Hi @rakibxl,
Please try the following

Redirect to another Page from Success event after jQuery AJAX response is received

It might help you.

Cheers Andrea.