Windows Application Error: OleDbCommand.Prepare method requires all parameters to have an explicitly set type

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Hello, i want to update record ( based on condtion in sql query ) from DataGridView. i used the update method and i tried some code but it shows me below error on update method
OleDbCommand.Prepare method requires all parameters to have an explicitly set type.
       OleDbDataAdapter da;  
       DataSet ds = null;  
       BindingSource bsource = new BindingSource();  
       public void BindData()  
           OleDbCommand cmd = new OleDbCommand("select srno,AccNumber,Admission_Fee,Family_fund,MonthlyCollection,MonthlyDeposit,Fund,SimpleLoanBal,SimpleInstallment,SimpleInt,UrgentLoanBal,UrgentInstallment,UrgentInt,EducationLoanBal,EducationInstallment,EducationInt,GuarantorInstallment,GuarantorInt,OtherLoanBal,OtherInstallment,OtherInt,BankLoanBal,BankInstallment,BankInt,TotalInstallment,OtherLoanCaption from transDemand where IssueDate=@IssueDate order by AccNumber Desc", con);  
           cmd.Parameters.AddWithValue("@IssueDate", datesearch.Value.ToString("dd-MM-yyyy"));  
           da = new OleDbDataAdapter(cmd);  
           ds = new DataSet();  
           OleDbCommandBuilder cmdbuild = new OleDbCommandBuilder(da);  
           da.Fill(ds, "transDemand");  
           bsource.DataSource = ds.Tables["transDemand"];  
           dataGridView1.DataSource = bsource;  
       private void btnupdate_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)  
           DataTable dt = ds.Tables["transDemand"];  
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