Change (Rename) FileName of uploaded File when using AjaxFileUpload control in ASP.Net

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Hi All ,

I am using Ajax File Uploader for multiple files uploading in web forms

now i want to add one textbox for every file so that he can rename the uploaded excel file.

Suppose I have to upload 5 files in fileuploader so for 5 files 5 textbox will be added.

How can i achieve that.

Please Guide.

Posted one year ago

Hi BugHunter,

With AjaxFileUpload1 you can't change (rename) FileName of uploaded File from TextBox value. For this you need to use AJAX AsyncFileUpload control.

Change (Rename) FileName of uploaded File when using AJAX AsyncFileUpload control in ASP.Net

If you want to upload multiple file refer below link

Upload and save (insert) multiple files to database in ASP.Net using C# and VB.Net