Insert (Save) data with parent child relationship in ASP.Net Core MVC

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Hi Guys,

How to save data with 1 to many relationship in Asp.Net Core Mvc

I'm trying to save data with 1 to many relationship but I'm confused with how to show data in view before save.

For example I have 3 tables :

1. tbl_Student

2. tbl_Book

2. tbl_Rent

When 1 student rent more than 1 book it can be save one time. The scnario data like in table below :

RentCode  StudentID  StudentName  BookID  BookName
RNT00001 STN00001 Andi BOOK000001 BOOK A
      BOOK000002 BOOK B
      BOOK000003 BOOK C
      BOOK000004 BOOK D
      BOOK000005 BOOK E

and soon.

How to save the data above ???

Please guide me, may be any link refrence for learn.

Any help could be much apriciate.

Posted 15 days ago
Hi @trisetia302,
Please try the following

Insert (Save) data with parent child relationship using Entity Framework in ASP.Net MVC

It might help you.

Cheers Andrea.