Create Crystal Report from Multiple Tables in ASP.Net

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I have a table tblSetMarks structure like this

tblSession    tblTerm     tblExam    tblClass   tblSection    tblSec

1                    2               3                 4            5               6

SessionID  TermID  SetExamID  ClassID  SectionID SubjectID

AdmissonNo Max Mark

Here I have a Question. I want to generate a Crystal Report in C# with dynamic columns at the time of report generation as we are not selecting any column from database table at the time of Crystal Report design. Rather we are passing an SQl query string and get the Crystal Report dynamically at runtime in C#. My question is that according to tblSetMarks table structure, can i define six Data Table 

tblSession    tblTerm     tblExam    tblClass   tblSection    tblSec

inside a single dataset  dsMarks??? how many Max datatable can be added in a single DataSet???


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