How to calculate Debit and Credit balance from Opening Balance in Ms Access SQL

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I want this type of output from ms access sql query

Sdate            ob         cr         dr        cb

1-2-2018      2000     0           0          2000

1-3-2018      2000     100       0          2100

1-4-2018       2100    200       0          2300

1-5-2018        2300   0          100       2200

I tried this query but it didn't work for me 

Getting the error like 'at most one record can be retreturn by this sub query ' 

select Edate,OB, Cr, Dr,(select (a.OB + a.Cr - a.Dr) from accdata a where a.Edate<=b.Edate ) as CB 
from accdata b

so help me how to do this in ms access SQL

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Hi ajitn4u,

The balance for each successive row depends on the ending balance from the previous row. You have to write SQL query to loop through each transactions one at a time.