How to use BootStrap multiselect to Select / save all dropdown option using BootStrap multiselect in ASP.Net

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Posted on Jan 30, 2017 01:53 AM


hi sir,in the below screenshort, i have one dropdown list and in that list i have 3 options, but i want to insert on category to all options of the dropdown list, and also selected options of
the dropdownlist.

can you help me to solve this problem



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Posted on Jan 30, 2017 02:59 AM

hi sir,


see sir i above screen short i'm going to add new category to the selected branch code, now i need select all option in branch code dropdown list, so that i can add same category to all 3 branch codes.

and other one is supporse if i want to add new category only to the branch code 1AB and 2AB, not 3AB, that time i need check box to select two branch codes, so how can i acheive that could you help me