Unable to launch the IIS Express Web server: Port is in use

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Posted on Oct 28, 2014 06:55 AM


i have a bad problem 

i have this error

unable to lunch this iis express web server.
port '1032' is in use

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REASON : Actually this port numbers are dynamically generated at runtime. It dosent guranteed to be available. If it is acquires by some other process project wont run. So we need to try at another port.


  1. Right click on project in solution Explorer -> Properties
  2. Click on to Web (On LHS).
  3. Look at local IIS Web Server (Which would be radio btn selected by default).
  4. Change port no of project Url e.g : http://localhost:1030/ to http://localhost:45896/ (Possibly Higher than 1024)
  5. Save changes and run application.

This makes changes in IIS config files and wherever needed automatically so we don't need to change any code explicitly .

I Hope This Might Help !

REFER : http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14660366/unable-to-launch-web-server