Privacy Policy

ASPForums.Net makes sure that the privacy of all its registered users is secured. Whatever information gathered to identify the user to get its personal information and location is stored under the following security guidelines. The Privacy Policy of this website will be updated from time to time and hence please read this page in order to keep you updated with the changes.
What information collected?
We collect your name, e-mail address, City, Country and IP-address during signup.
Why do we collect this information?
Your personal and contact details are used to identify you and contact you by sending alerts whenever some activity is performed on the website. You have full access to disable all the notifications/e-mails from the settings page in your profile.
Your IP-address are used to determine your location such as your city and country as this helps us serve you better. We do not sell, lease or distribute your personal information to any other company or organization unless it is permitted by you and/or it is required by the government agencies.
What is a Cookie?
A cookie is a file stored within your browser and it is used to save your login information so that next time when you visit the website you don’t need to login again. There may also be some additional cookies stored by our advertising partners.
ASPForums.Net is a free platform for allowing users to ask questions and provide answers to those questions. You may choose to use it in your projects at your own risk and nor ASPForums.Net or its users are not responsible if it does not work as intended.
Links to external websites
The posted Questions and Answers may contain links to external websites which ASPForums.Net cannot control and is not responsible for the privacy guidelines of such websites, thus as a precautionary measure please read their privacy policy.
Google Analytics
This site uses Gogole Analytics for tracking the website traffic. This information may include various information, not necessarily limited to information like user's browser, device and location. Google Analytics uses cookies to collect information form user's browser for doing this. All the collected data is stored on Google's servers.

Google Analytics Privacy Policy
Various Ad Networs display advertisements on this website. We use Google Adsense and Developer Media Ad Network for this. All Ad Networks use cookies to collect information from users browser for showing targeted advertisements. They may also share this information with third parties.

Privacy Policies:
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If you have any objections regarding the website content, its external links, users or your information privacy, please don’t hesitate to contact us.